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    Kelk Communications

    Telephone system to make your
    business more productive.

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    Kelk Communications

    Multiple calls taken and answered.

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    Kelk Communications

    Easy to use - multiple lines and extensions.

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    Kelk Communications

    Choice of handsets available.

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    Kelk Communications

    A popular entry level handset.

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    Kelk Communications

    A feature-rich system.

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    Kelk Communications

    New SIP NS system.

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    Kelk Communications

    A popular entry level analogue system.

Looking for a Telephone Systems Engineer in Kent? A Broadband Engineer?

Call freephone: 0800 0745 097 or office: 01304 832 332 or mobile: 07976 272457

Telephone systems engineer and broadband engineer, assisting homes and businesses across Kent with their data communications.

Telephone Systems Engineer Dover Kent

Kelk Comms offers a broad spectrum of services including, telephone systems, fixing broadband faults and cabling & wiring installations. Kelk Comms provide new installations as well as maintenance and repairs for domestic and commercial data communications systems for homes and businesses across Kent.

Kelk Comms are proud to be KCC Trading Standards approved, CRB checked.

  • Telephone Systems

Telephone Systems Engineer Kent

  • Telephone systems troubleshooting
  • Panasonic specialists
  • Supply / Installation / Maintenance
  • Configuring / Setup
  • Programming
  • Analogue / Digital / IP
  • ISDN, VOIP, SIP trunks and SIP
  • Add-on equipment; music on hold, call recording, door phones, call logging, desktop dialing and screen popping
  • Add iPhone for remote users
  • Telephone training

  • Cloud IP Telephony

Telephone Systems Engineer Kent

  • Licenses according to the number of ‘lines’ you need
  • 24-extension company needing eight lines would rent eight licenses
  • Other Hosted providers would charge you for 24!
  • NTA is engineering-based and has focused on Hosted since 2005
  • NTA does not need to tie you in with a contract

  • Maintenance

Telephone Systems Maintenance Kent

  • Telephone system diagnosis and repairs
  • Fast response
  • Line testing and service provider liaison
  • Upgrades
  • Programming
  • Most brands covered - LG, BT, AVAYA, SIEMENS
  • Panasonic specialist
  • Training
  • Maintenance packages

  • Programming

Telephone Systems Programmer Kent

  • Panasonic specialists
  • Software / Upgrades
  • Remote programming
  • Updates and changes
  • Training (technical and operational)

  • Wiring

Telephone Systems Wiring Engineer

  • Installation
  • Full rewiring
  • Cat5/6
  • Analogue / Digital / IP
  • Office moves / Relocation
  • Extensions
  • Telephone sockets in homes and offices
  • Line checks and Broadband speed tests

  • Data Cabling

Data Cabling Installers Kent

  • Installation
  • Structured and Unified
  • Cat5/6
  • Analogue / Digital / IP
  • Office moves / Relocation
  • Extensions
  • Fault finding and resolution
  • Maintenance and repairs

  • Broadband Faults

Telephone and Broadband Engineer Kent

  • Telephone and Broadband troubleshooting
  • TML lines and Broadband partner
  • Most modems and wireless routers
  • Supply / Installation / Maintenance
  • Office moves / Relocation
  • Configuring / Setup
  • Line and Broadband speed tests
  • Training (technical and operational)

  • Case Studies

Panasonic Telephone System

  • Panasonic is the Number 1 Global Provider of PBX systems (under 100 extensions)
  • Panasonic is the Global Leader in DECT wireless.
  • We offer state-of-the-art telephony systems, full suites of digital and analog phones, IP Conference Speaker Phones, in-building DECT wireless handsets, and IP network cameras.
  • Our systems support a range of partner-provided applications for the hospitality and retail markets, as well as SIP trunking services for considerable cost savings.
  • Panasonic also provides networking capabilities for seamless integration of remote employees and locations by providing easy access to your central hub, and by allowing incoming calls to your desk phone to automatically ring on your mobile phone.
Panasonic specialist

Why Kelk Comms?

Kelk Comms are telephone broadband installers in Kent offering telecommunications to all types of business including: Hotels, Offices, Nursing Homes, Residential and Care Homes, Workshops, Factories and Shops in Kent. Kelk Comms regularly service businesses in Dover, Canterbury, Maidstone, Faversham, Whiststable, Herne Bay and Medway towns.

Our telephone systems engineers will discuss your exact requirements with you and ensure the system best suited to your needs is quoted for.

Martin and Wendy Kelk
with the Head of Dept for Trading Standards